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Clavis & Claustra Brontë stationery & gifts

Offering quotelets with colorful handmade envelopes lined with pages from Brontë novels. These are finalists in the UK 2015 Henries Greetings Cards awards. Also available are Book Lovers greeting cards and wall art, featuring famous lovers from books. For example, Cathy and Heathcliff.

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Emily Bronte quotographic RED     Emily Bronte quotographic GREEN

Emily Bronte quotographic YELLOW   Book Lovers wall art

Wuthering Heights Book Lovers card   Jane Eyre quotelets

Description of each in order depicted:

Emily Brontë Quotographic Red  /  Emily Brontë Quotographic Green

Emily Brontë Quotographic Yellow  /  Book Lovers Wall Art

Wuthering Heights Book Lovers Card  /  Jane Eyre Quotelets

These are only a small sampling of Brontë theme gifts and stationery available. Do visit our website (above) and browse the many creative selections available: Clavis & Claustra