Acknowledgements of Sources

  • THANK YOU for the following images kindly provided by the Brontë Society – © Brontë Society:
  • About Page:
  • Brontë Society (heading): Image of Brontë Society Parsonage Museum.
  • Biography Page:
  • Patrick Brontë – Father of the Brontës (heading): image of Patrick Brontë as a young man.
  • Anne Brontë : image of Anne Brontë, a watercolor by Charlotte Brontë June 17, 1834.
  • Charlotte Brontë: image of Charlotte Brontë.
  • Patrick Branwell Brontë: image of Patrick Branwell Brontë, a self portrait 1840.
  • Gallery Page: all marked © Brontë Society. 
  • Biography Page: 
  • Emily Jane Brontë: image of Emily Jane Brontë, a profile portrait by Branwell Brontë 1833-34. Permission granted by National Portrait Gallery, London. Image  © National Portrait Gallery.
  • The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Brontë, edited from the manuscripts by C. W. Hatfield (1941):
  • About Page:
  • Come, sit down on this sunny stone:…
  • Biography Page:
  • Emily Jane Brontë:  I’m happiest when most away…

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